This policy is intended to ensure that all interactions and communications are open, observable, and warranted.
The policy intends to protect participants, especially minors and coaches in
potentially vulnerable situations by ensuring that a coach is never alone with an athlete.
This policy applies to all individuals involved in Internazionale Soccer Club youth program delivery, Including, but not
limited to coaches, referees, volunteers, and administrators.
The Rule of Two requires there be two screened and NCCP - Trained or certified
coaches with a minor athlete in situations where the minor is potentially vulnerable.
One-on-one interactions between a coach and a minor in the absence of another must be avoided in
all circumstances except medical emergencies.
1. The optimal standard and safest environment should be maintained where possible. In this case, a
minor athlete is accompanied by two screened and NCCP trained or certified coaches.
2. If only one screened NCCP trained or certified coach is available, a second person who is a
screened “Person in Authority” may be a second person for the rule of two.
3. Should a screened “Person in Authority’' not be available, another adult such as a parent/guardian of
a minor or, at the very least, another minor may temporarily be the second person in the rule of two.
4. Only in the case of a medical emergency may a single screened and NCCP trained or certified coach
be the sole adult person present with an otherwise unaccompanied child.
Applying the Rule of Two in a Virtual Setting
The Rule of Two applies to all child athletes in virtual environments. For those athletes under age 16, a parent or
guardian should be present during the session where possible.
Adherence to this policy ensures individuals involved in Internazionale Soccer Club youth programs, including minors,
coaches, managers, employees and volunteers in potentially vulnerable situations are never alone with a minor athlete.