Pledge to the Parent / Player. Inclusivity
At International Soccer Club, we are committed to providing an
accessible, and welcoming soccer environment for all participants.

We are dedicated to removing barriers that may limit participation.
We value, respected, and embraced all children.
We promote diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout our club.
We promote an environment where everyone feels safe and

We recognize that inclusivity goes beyond just physical accessibility.
We are committed to providing accommodations and support for all
individuals. Physical and Emotional as well as Financial support is

Our Board is continually striving to educate ourselves and our
community on inclusivity matters, actively seeking opportunities to
learn, grow, and challenge any biases or prejudices.
We applaud open dialogue, and suggestions from all participants to
help us create an open environment.  All backgrounds, abilities,
genders, orientations, and identities can collaborate for a better club.