· Encourage good sportsmanship from fellow players, coaches, team officials, and parents at all times.

· Control their temper and resist the temptation to retaliate.

· Play by the rules at all times and exercise self control.

· Remember that soccer is an opportunity to learn and have fun.

· Do their best each day and remember that all players have talents and weaknesses just as they have.

· Treat their coaches, team mates, other players and coaches, game officials, and spectators with respect at all times; regardless of race, sex, creed, or abilities.

· Concentrate on playing soccer and always give their best.

· Remember that conduct during competition towards play of the game and all officials be in accordance with appropriate behavior and in accordance with FIFA’s “Laws of the Game” and in adherence to ASA and EIYSA rules.

· Refrain from the use of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and the use of profane and vulgar language.

· Conduct themselves so as to being a credit to themselves, their team, and the Club while traveling and competing within and outside the city.


· Never place the value of winning before the safety and welfare of all players.

· Always show respect for players, other coaches, and game officials.

· Lead by example, demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship at all times.

· Possess knowledge of the rules of the game, and teach these rules to the players.

· Never use abusive or insulting language, and treat everyone with dignity.

· Never tolerate inappropriate behavior, regardless of the situation.

· Not allow the use of profane, abusive, and vulgar language, the use of anabolic agents or stimulants, drugs, tobacco, or alcohol by any of the players.

· Never knowingly jeopardize the eligibility and participation of an athlete.

· At all time conduct themselves in a positive manner.

· Remember that youth have a greater need for example than criticism, and that they are the primary soccer role model.

· Motivate players to produce their best effort, play hard and clean, and inspire players to learn and grow from every situation.

· Encourage players to accept winning and losing in a gracious manner.

Always keep in mind that a coach’s actions on the sidelines during games shall be in the spirit of “good sportsmanship”. Profanity, profane gestures, arguing, inciting disruptive behavior by players and/or spectators, or any conduct not in the spirit of good sportsmanship, will result in disciplinary action for the coach, the league and possibly the Club.


· Encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, game officials, and the Club at all times.

· Place the emotional and physical well being of all players ahead of any personal desire to win.

· Support the coaches, officials, and individuals working with their child in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable experience for all.

· Remember that the game is for the players, not the adults.

· Ensure that his/her child treats other players, coaches, game officials, and spectators with respect.

· Not criticize game officials and be positive.

· Always allow the coach to be the only coach.

· Not get into arguments with the opposing teams parents, players, or coaching staff.

· Not go onto the field for any reason during a game, unless requested to go on to help by a coach or official.


Please refer to the following guide when dealing with conflicts that need to be resolved.

· Conflict Occurs (allow 24 hour cool down period)

· Coach notification

· Technical Director notification Ross Ongaro

· President notification (John Matemisz)

· INTER Board of Directors


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