Pledge to coaching Movement
Internazionale SC has committed to provide coaching incentives for all of its coaches to achieve all levels of Practical
and Theory coaching experiences. The coaching staff are encouraged to participate in acquiring coaching levels from
ASA as well as CSA as well as FIFA.
Since 1987 our club has provided all our coaches with FREE coaching course registration fees. The staff has been
supported with not only financial assistance but also with mentoring from Various coaches. Our Staff includes FIFA
Instructor Ross Ongaro ( See Bio ) CSA B licence coaches Pasquale Bruni Ross Ongaro, UEFA A licence Instructor
Valerii Kinashenko and UEFA B licence Goalie Instructor Luca Timoteo.
Each coach is encouraged to move to the level they are comfortable with. All coaches are appreciated and are part of
the organization and responsible for the forward movement of the club. They are a part of our board and their input is
vital to the never ending quest of achieving a safe and inclusive environment for all players.
Our Club has been fortunate in not only helping players achieve a higher status on the field but has provided a venue for
our coaches to move forward and achieve excellence outside of our club.
The ultimate full circle experience is when one of our club players becomes a club coach. But even better is when a Club
coach becomes a Provincial coach, University coach, CSA National team Coach, or Professional Coach. And Yes even
a FIFA Instructor once was an a LOCAL Player / Local Coach. Our coaches have achieved all of the above.
OUR Club had been an advocate for promoting our coaches to the NEXT LEVEL. Many have taken this advice and
reached for the Stars.